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The team behind Gion Asia has big ideas when it comes to catering and we want to share them with you. We are proud to create spectacular sushi and other Asian food brimming with bold and colourful flavours directly to your door. 














To order simply choose your dishes from our menus page and then e-mail us at with your address and delivery time.


PLEASE GIVE AS MUCH NOTICE AS POSSIBLE AS WE PREPARE OUR FOOD FRESH ON THE DAY! - ideally at least the day before delivery, Thank you! 



Our head chef, Akemi, was born and raised in Kyoto so creates authentic flavours straight from the streets of Japan to your plates! 

Not only do we deliver but we can also be your live, private chef! we can come to your own home and prepare your food in front of your very eyes for the full experience or we can even provide the food for your larger event! Enjoy our sushi wherever you are, whether at home, in a holiday let or even on the beach. 


We hope you enjoy looking through our menus. We pride ourselves on being authentic so use only top-quality ingredients to provide you with restaurant-quality dishes.


As all our food is made to order please order in advance. For smaller events/deliveries we would be grateful for at least a day's notice and for larger events, we do ask for as much notice as possible



As of January we will not be placing chopsticks in with the orders automatically. 

If requested we will include with your order but we do now charge 10p

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