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Allergens and dietary requirements 

We make our sushi and sides fresh everyday in our kitchens. That means we often handle lots of the allergens below: 

  • Celery 

  • Fish 

  • Sulphites (prawns)

  • Soybeans (side)

  • Sesame Seeds (garnish)

  • Gluten (garnish)

  • Meat 

  • Lactose (cream cheese filling)

Gion sushi website photos 31st may shoot

Here at Gion Sushi we know how important it is to know what's in your food, especially if you have a special diet or an allergy. So we have made a special menu and two sides which are suitable for vegetarians - No fish, no meat!  

These include: The Vegetable Platter / The Vegetable Set / Edamame Beans / Crudites with special Gion Sauce.

We also have a menu for those who cannot eat fish - the Sushi without the Seafood platter 

Gion sushi website photos 31st may shoot

Whilst we aim to prevent cross contamination, unfortunately the risk of this does still remain as our kitchen handles a number of allergens. We therefore cannot guarantee that our dishes are allergen free or suitable for people with allergies.

However, if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us as there may be something we could do to still enable you to enjoy our sushi! 

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