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6 INARI SUSHI;  Deep-fried tofu 'pockets' filled with sushi rice - cooked and sweetly seasoned complementing the vinegary sushi rice. 

​10 PRAWN NIGIRI;  Prawn with sliced onion garnish and mayonnaise.

12 SALMON NIGIRI;   A slice of the finest sashimi grade salmon with a grating of ginger​.

9 pcs SEARED SALMON URAMAKI;  Sashimi salmon, seared then coated in "Gion" sauce topped with Mayo and Masago.

​9 pcs SPICY PRAWN TEMPURA URAMAKI;   A prawn tempura roll with spicy Sriracha sprinkled with sesame.

​9 pcs SPICY SASHIMI TUNA URAMAKI;  Uramaki roll filled with top-grade Sashimi Tuna and avocado and coriander.